Cheap Camera Challenge

Fashion photographer Lara Jade attempts to take high fashion photos with a 0.3 megapixel toy camera.

The results are beautiful which goes to show that you should never let the limitations of your camera dictate the quality of your photos; it's your vision that matters!

Seven Generations

Photographer and stylist Christine McConnell recreates photographs of seven generations of women in her maternal family, dating back to 1821! Using herself as a model the results are captivating. You can see more here, but below is my favorite

Christine's great-great-grandmother Jane, born 1858

Capturing This Chaos We Call Life

Every year my husband and I try to come up with a fun, creative idea for our Christmas card. Since having our second child in September, our lives have been a little chaotic so he wanted to take a photo that captured said chaos. I vetoed the idea due to lack of time and energy, but this Hoboken based photographer completely nailed it!

Danielle Guenther captured a series of photographs that show the challenges of parenting. These are my two favorites and the ones I identify with the most. See more of her hilarious photos on her website.

Wedding Photos by a Fire

With a forest fire blazing nearby, this couple had to rush their wedding day in order to get out safely. But first their photographer managed to capture some stunning photos with the fire blazing in the background. i'm sure this was an unusual and unique experience for all involved!

Colorful Ants

When his wife noticed that ants turned white after drinking milk, scientist Mohamed Babu had the idea to feed the ants colored liquid sugar. He had the good sense to capture it in photographs :) 

The Windows of New York

I love this idea by New York based graphic designer . He creates lovely graphic illustrations of some of the memorable windows he sees around New York City. New York has some beautiful architecture that is sometimes easy to disregard. He makes sure we notice it.